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Can I park my car at the airport?

Yes, the airport offers both short-term and long-term parking options for travelers.

Airport Parking

Is there a shuttle service from the airport to the city center?

Yes, there are shuttle services available to transport passengers from the airport to various locations around the city.

How can I book a rental car at the airport?

You can book a rental car in advance through our website or directly at the airport's car rental service desk upon arrival.


Are there electric vehicle charging stations at the airport?

Yes, the airport offers electric vehicle charging stations for travelers with electric cars.


Can I take a taxi from the airport to my hotel?

Yes, there are taxi stands outside of the airport where you can easily hail a taxi to your destination.

Are there designated pick-up and drop-off areas at the airport?

Yes, there are clearly marked areas for pick-up and drop-off to ensure smooth traffic flow at the airport.

Travel restrictions and visa information for my flight?

Yes, the airport offers complimentary Visas for passengers to use throughout the terminal.

Visa and Restrictions

Can I access Wi-Fi at the airport while waiting for my flight?

Yes, the airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi access for passengers to use throughout the terminal.

Free Wi-Fi on Airport

Restrictions on oversized luggage for airport transport services?

Yes, there are restrictions on oversized luggage for some airport transportation services, so it's advisable to check with the specific service provider before booking.