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Weather and climate at Frankfurt am Main Airport - is approximately 109m above sea level. Frankfurt am Main's climate is classified as warm and temperate. There is a lot of rainfall in Frankfurt am Main, even in the driest month. The climate classification is Cfb according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classes. The average annual temperature in Frankfurt am Main is 10.0 °C. The annual rainfall is 648 mm. In the humid, temperate climate zone, extreme temperature fluctuations cannot be expected. There is also a distinct nature of the seasons, so that spring, summer, autumn and winter can be easily distinguished from one another.

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Temperatures - The annual average daily temperature is 14.6°C. Above-average temperatures are reached in April, May, June, July, August and September - the highest daily temperature is 24.8 degrees. Compared to the other 28 places in Germany, it is 2.3°C warmer in Frankfurt am Main over the year. The average nighttime temperature, however, is 8.3 degrees lower - namely 6.3°C. Colder temperatures than the annual average can be observed in April, May, June, July, August and September - the lowest value is -1.5 degrees. In total there are 3 months in which the night temperature is below freezing.
Compared to the rest of Germany, it is on average 1.7°C warmer at night.

Hours of sunshine - The sun shines for around 4.2 hours a day in Frankfurt am Main per year. However, this value is exceeded in the months of April, May, June, July, August and September. The highest measured annual value is 7.3 hours of sunshine. It is also interesting that the sun shines for more than 7 hours per day in a total of 3 months. The only downer is that the average annual sunshine duration here is 0.1 hours shorter than in the rest of the country.

Humidity - In Frankfurt am Main there is relatively pleasant humidity all year round. It is neither too dry (at more than 25 degrees less than 35% relative humidity), nor too humid (at more than 25 degrees more than 75% relative humidity). The annual average is 76.6% - this value is only exceeded in the months of January, February, September, October, November and December. The highest annual value reaches 86%.

Rainy days - In Frankfurt am Main, it rains an average of 14.4 days per month over the year. However, it rains more in January, February, November and December - the most recorded rainy days are 17. In total there are 4 months in which it rains for more than 15 days. An interesting aspect becomes apparent when you compare the other places in Germany with Frankfurt am Main: the number of rainy days is 1.3 days higher here.

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